Entries by Monique DiBonaventura

Annual Meeting Ballots 

To date, we have received 316 ballots bringing us closer to the reconvened quorum requirement of 352. However, we really want as many homeowners as possible to weigh in on the special ballot measure in order that the Board of Directors can make a decision regarding the mobile patrol service in accordance with the community […]

Weed Abatement Progress

Weed abatement continues with completion this week of the Recreation Center property above the Equestrian Center and the Cabot Crown Valley and Rapid Falls Trails. Ongoing clearing of trails and slopes will continue over the next month.

Equestrian Center Clubhouse Construction Update

Work continues at the Equestrian Center Clubhouse to replace the patio cover, railings, stairways and sliding glass door. Components of the project include extending of the deck to meet disability access code compliance and installation of bar seating viewing area. Work scheduled for next week include deck footings and framing work. These are reserve projects funded 100% by […]