Electronic Consent Form

Please complete the attached Electronic Transmission Member Consent Form to save mailing expenses and to be Nellie Gail SMART, Saving MoneyAnd Resources Today. You will benefit by receiving documents in a format you can easily save for future reference, and electronic delivery will further reduce the mass mailing costs for budgets, the annual audit and other applicable documents. Last August the budget was mailed to the membership on a CD-ROM saving over 45,000 pages of printed paper resulting in a 27% reduction of mailing costs. Electronic transmission results in a savings of 100% of the mailing costs! Please help us to efficiently use your financial resources by clicking the link and filling out the form.

The Electronic Consent Form can be found by clicking here.

Sheriff’s Patrol Update

The Orange County Sheriffs have ongoing mounted patrols on trails scheduled this month to maintain a presence in the community as a deterrent. Over the holidays they successfully detained an individual on a City trail with outstanding warrants so the patrols are effective and the additional effort being made on the communities behalf is appreciated.

Park Benches

The aged wood park benches at all parks have been replaced with new durable benches that will not decompose, splinter or require painting.  

Trails Open

Trails are open but use care as we continue to correct minor grading issues caused by the rain and subsequent use following rains. Despite the cold temperatures, the days have been beautiful, and it is a great time to get some exercise and keep those New Year’s resolutions. Please help us protect your trails by keeping in mind all vehicles require a trail permit prior to accessing trails. This is particularly important for service vehicles in the winter season as we oftentimes know of certain trails that are excessively wet that may be damaged by heavy vehicles.  Permits are available from the Association office.

Tree Trimming 

Winter pruning of eighty trees at parks and streetscapes is nearly complete. Twelve trees were removed due to disease or adverse impact to private property. We continue to monitor trees throughout the year to prune in the appropriate season. Meanwhile, the 128 trees planted in 2018 are established, and we are looking forward to the Spring growing season.