Cabot Arena Footing Replacement (Association Reserve Project)

The Cabot Arena will be closed Monday through Wednesday next week for replacement of 125 tons of sand footing.  This Association Arena, funded by Association assessments, is located on Cabot Valencia Trail and is available for use by all Nellie Gail Ranch homeowners, guests, and private boarders.  Private boarders and guests are required to complete a waiver which they can do by scanning this QR code which is also on the trail signs and arena signage.  The arena will be re-opened in time for the 4th of July holiday weekend.  Enjoy!!


Equestrian Center Arena Footing Replacement (Equestrian Center Reserve Project)

Last week we completed work to supplement the Upper Arena with 53 tons of sand and fiber footing and this week we are completing work at the Middle Arena with 78 tons total.  New footing is added every 2-3 years to keep it at appropriate depth. This is an Equestrian Center reserve project.  Association assessments do not contribute to the Equestrian Center funding as Equestrian Center boarding and training fees offset costs associated with the Equestrian Center.  Did you know that if you rent your personal stalls to private party boarders they can utilize the Equestrian Center amenities via a $45 per month membership.  Contact Charee Jones at or 949-831-5041 if interested.

Meter Enclosure Pedestal Replacement (Association Reserve Project):

We have recently completed replacement throughout the community of ten corroded steel electric meter pedestals and six irrigation controller enclosures. Since the six irrigation controller enclosures were adjacent to electric meters we took the opportunity to combine the two enclosures into one stainless steel dual enclosure thus eliminating a total of six enclosures from the streetscape. This is an example of an approach to projects as we look for ways to improve community aesthetics and make better use of association reserve funds.

Meter Enclosure Project

Summer Concert Series

Join us tonight at 7 PM at Gallup Park for our Summer concert with music by Sam Morrison Band. Ralph & Richie’s food truck will be available for dinner and Kona Ice for dessert! For more information, visit our website. 

Sponsored By Melody and Associates


Trail Maintenance Update – Oso Trail South / Oso Marsh Pass 

Although these trails are included on the Nellie Gail Ranch trail map, homeowners may be surprised to know these are in fact City maintained. Oso Marsh Pass, the higher trail closest to the homes is considered an informal trail while the lower Oso Trail South is a recognized trail. Both are maintained as seasonal trails with the City clearing weeds annually at the end of Spring. Work was completed over the past two weeks and are now assessable for equestrians who like to use this route to get to Moulton Park or access the County trail system.

Nellie Gail Ranch Trail Map / Guest Waiver

The following link is to the map of Nellie Gail Ranch Trails. You may report any maintenance concerns to Management at or by text with photo to 949-933-8546. Please enjoy your equestrian and hiking adventures. 
And remember, please have guests scan the QR code here or on trail signs to complete the waiver required for guest use. The form may be completed quickly at the trailhead and once completed, your guest is approved for use of the trail or arena. Waivers for guest use of trails and arenas protect both the homeowner and the Association by providing appropriate notice to guests of the inherent risk associated with equine and/or hiking activities. Each guest only needs to complete the waiver once, it is not required each time they visit.
When using trails, be aware of wildlife. Coyotes are active, and there have been reports of snake sightings. Be observant and keep your children, pets, horses, and selves safe!!!  

Summer Concert Series

Join us on, Friday, June 28th at 7 PM at Gallup Park for our Summer concert with music by Sam Morrison Band. Ralph & Richie’s food truck will be available for dinner and Kona Ice for dessert! For more information, visit our website

Sponsored By Melody and Associates


Moulton Arena Closure

The Moulton Arena will be closed today, June 17 and tomorrow, June 18 due to an irrigation leak.

Thanks for your patience as we complete the necessary repairs.

TOMORROW – Summer Concert Series

Join us tomorrow, Friday, June 14 at 7 PM at Gallup Park for our first Summer concert with music by Hall Pass. Baby’s Burgers food truck will be available for dinner and Afters Ice Cream for dessert! For more information, visit our website

Sponsored by the LaMott and Tate Families


Annual Meeting Results

The Nellie Gail Ranch Owners Association annual meeting was held Wednesday evening June 12th at the Association Clubhouse. Congratulations to Alex Presley and Loree Blough who were elected to serve on the Board through June 2021. Alex and Loree join incumbents Mark Fisk, John Park, and Joyce Taylor.  
The ballot measure regarding mobile patrol security passed with 330 votes in favor of continuing 24-hour mobile patrol services and 192 voting to discontinue.
The following link has the official Inspectors Report containing all vote counts. Thank you to the 539 homeowners who submitted ballots and participated in the election process.