Block Captain and Area Coordinator Interest Form

We are looking for volunteers to work as “Area Coordinators” AND “Block Captains.” 

Each “Area Coordinator” will support the specific needs of approximately 10-12 local “Block Captains” and communicate that information to and from the Emergency Command Center.

Each “Block Captain” will work directly with their nearest 10-15 neighbors coordinating any special needs thru the “Area Coordinators” to obtain the best available support and to share available resources and skills when possible. These efforts to organize neighbors to help each other will make a significant positive impact on our ability to survive and remain safe during any disaster or community emergency.

If you are interested in additional information, joining the committee or one of these teams, or a tour of the Emergency Command Center please contact Dennis Blough at 949-677-0457 OR by sending an email to EPC@nelliegailranch.