Consent Form for Electronic Delivery of Association Documents
In an effort to keep up with technology and reduce costs, Nellie Gail Ranch Owners Association (“Nellie Gail Ranch”) is encouraging homeowners to agree to receive notices and communications from Nellie Gail Ranch by e-mail, and obtain Nellie Gail Ranch documents from Nellie Gail Ranch’s website, instead of receiving paper copies of notices and documents through the mail. By electing to receive individual delivery or notices by e-mail, you will: • Not receive paper or CD (compact disc) copies of the annual budget report provided by Civil Code § 5300, review of financial statement per Civil Code § 5305, the annual policy statement under Civil Code § 5310, meeting notifications, announcements, etc. that can be communicated electronically, unless you request such copies. • Assist Nellie Gail Ranch in its efforts to reduce copying and mailing expenses by authorizing Nellie Gail Ranch to electronically deliver to you all association documents as described in Civil Code §4040(a)(2). Note: California law requires that some notices be sent by traditional mail. Nellie Gail Ranch will continue to send notice to you by traditional mail in these cases. Other than those notices which must be sent by U.S. Mail, if you agree to receive notices and documents as described above, please complete and sign this form. I understand that it is my sole right and obligation to update my email address(es) and/or to cancel this election for electronic delivery. I understand that I may update my contact information or rescind my election to receive association documents electronically by written request to Nellie Gail Ranch. I/We (all owners of record) agree to receive electronic notification from Nellie Gail Ranch for all communications and notices that California law allows to be sent electronically. I/We understand that we may elect at any time to receive paper or CD notices from Nellie Gail Ranch sent by traditional mail. I/We understand that it is our obligation to notify Nellie Gail Ranch in writing if I/we wish to receive notices at a different e-mail address or decide to revoke this consent and receive physical copies of future communications.