Hi All-

Thanks to Chuck S. for the idea, and Brian Mitchell for getting this done.

My name is Ken Cheng. I am a member of the NG Emergency Preparedness Committee. Our hope is that this forum can serve as one way of communicating needs, issues, or ideas for the benefit of our residents. I have served on this committee for 8+ years, and I have the following background:
I am a practicing family physician in Newport Beach, but also have a particular interest in Disaster Medicine, having participated in multiple training events and actual disasters, including Hurricane Katrina (New Orleans) in 2005 as a FEMA physician. I am currently part of the California Disaster Medical Worker volunteer team. Locally, I am a reserve/volunteer deputy sheriff, where I am the chief tactical physician for the SWAT team, as well as a high angle rope rescue technician and alpine rescue technician for the Search and Rescue team. I am also a disaster preparedness instructor for the county.

We are fortunate that the Nellie Gail community has residents of many skills and talents; from virtually every medical specialty, to veterinarians, engineers, law enforcement, mental health professionals, etc. The goal of the Emergency Preparedness Committee’s Neighbors Helping Neighbors program is to assist the members of our community find the resources they need during a disaster.

With the current pandemic, the county’s EOC (Emergency Operations Center) has been activated. Both fire and law enforcement are operating at a normal status; 9-1-1 is the currently the best way to access these services in the event of a true emergency. Within our community, we have activated our Block Captains to check on their block of neighbors, assisting them in information or resources they might need. This is especially important to those who are at risk or more vulnerable. If you have not been contacted by your Block Captain, feel free to reach out on this forum, or contact me directly (kennethscheng@gmail.com) for assistance.

Ken Cheng

PS If you are interested in learning more about our Block Captains or Area Coordinators, be sure to contact us.