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    Brian Mitchell

    This forum has been created to allow Nellie Gail Ranch homeowners to communicate needs or an offer to help fulfil needs.

    Susan Phillips

    Hi… I am Susan Phillips at 27752 Hidden Trail Road. My email is
    949 500 2299 is my cell
    949 677 7711 is Andy (my husbands cell)
    949 716 2356 is our home line
    949 872 3183 is Summer (our daughter)
    949 872 3185 is Serenity (our daughter)
    949 929 6964 is Liz (my assistant)
    For our emails? Just put our first name in front of the Phillipshome.com part.

    I’m the house nearest to you that has the horses:)
    Just reaching out to create connection during these times.
    If anyone needs anything? I’m headed to the grocery store tomorrow and would be more than happy to get items for you and leave them on your doorstep. I accept credit cards, as I am a credit card processor, or Venmo or Zelle as I bank at BofA or PayPal or just plane cash. I just want to support and create neighborly relationship. I am your Emergency preparedness coordinator but was unable to create our meeting before this need.

    Looking forward to just hearing from any of you as to how you’re doing and how you’re keeping your spirits up during this time?




    Hi Neighbors,

    My name is Loree Blough. I am on your Board of Directors & Chairman of Nellie Gail’s Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC).

    The EPC has activated our trained Block Captains (BC). The Captains are checking in with their neighbors and asking 2 questions:
    1) Would you like any help
    2) Are you available to help
    Those Captains will then match the people up.

    If you live in an area with BC you should have already been contacted. We set up this site because not all of the neighbors have people that volunteered & were trained as BCs. This forum will allow those without BCs to be able to connect. We hope that it helps!

    Please be safe & calm & do not be afraid to ask for help if you fall into a high risk category or need other help. There is no shame in this & by helping each other we all become stronger!

    Let’s all post,

    Loree Blough



    I have 2 2 lb packages of flour if anyone needs some.

    Loree Blough

    Susan Phillips

    I am the Block Captain for the end of Hidden Trail to Greenfeild. My home is the one that some of your homes back up to (the one with the horses) and I am heading to the Grocery store & Costco if any one needs anything?

    You can pay me back via Credit card. I’m leaving about 3:30.

    949 500 2299

    Susan Phillips


    Hi All-

    Thanks to Chuck S. for the idea, and Brian Mitchell for getting this done.

    My name is Ken Cheng. I am a member of the NG Emergency Preparedness Committee. Our hope is that this forum can serve as one way of communicating needs, issues, or ideas for the benefit of our residents. I have served on this committee for 8+ years, and I have the following background:
    I am a practicing family physician in Newport Beach, but also have a particular interest in Disaster Medicine, having participated in multiple training events and actual disasters, including Hurricane Katrina (New Orleans) in 2005 as a FEMA physician. I am currently part of the California Disaster Medical Worker volunteer team. Locally, I am a reserve/volunteer deputy sheriff, where I am the chief tactical physician for the SWAT team, as well as a high angle rope rescue technician and alpine rescue technician for the Search and Rescue team. I am also a disaster preparedness instructor for the county.

    We are fortunate that the Nellie Gail community has residents of many skills and talents; from virtually every medical specialty, to veterinarians, engineers, law enforcement, mental health professionals, etc. The goal of the Emergency Preparedness Committee’s Neighbors Helping Neighbors program is to assist the members of our community find the resources they need during a disaster.

    With the current pandemic, the county’s EOC (Emergency Operations Center) has been activated. Both fire and law enforcement are operating at a normal status; 9-1-1 is the currently the best way to access these services in the event of a true emergency. Within our community, we have activated our Block Captains to check on their block of neighbors, assisting them in information or resources they might need. This is especially important to those who are at risk or more vulnerable. If you have not been contacted by your Block Captain, feel free to reach out on this forum, or contact me directly (kennethscheng@gmail.com) for assistance.

    Ken Cheng

    PS If you are interested in learning more about our Block Captains or Area Coordinators, be sure to contact us.


    Who is our block captain?

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