Nellie Gail Ranch Trail Map / Guest Waiver

The following link is to the map of Nellie Gail Ranch Trails. You may report any maintenance concerns to Management at or by text with photo to 949-933-8546. Please enjoy your equestrian and hiking adventures. 
And remember, please have guests scan the QR code here or on trail signs to complete the waiver required for guest use. The form may be completed quickly at the trailhead and once completed, your guest is approved for use of the trail or arena. Waivers for guest use of trails and arenas protect both the homeowner and the Association by providing appropriate notice to guests of the inherent risk associated with equine and/or hiking activities. Each guest only needs to complete the waiver once, it is not required each time they visit.
When using trails, be aware of wildlife. Coyotes are active, and there have been reports of snake sightings. Be observant and keep your children, pets, horses, and selves safe!!!