Survey to Confirm the Level of Membership Support for a CC&R Amendment to Restrict Short Term Rentals

The purpose of this survey is to confirm the level of membership support for a draft CC&R amendment that would restrict short term daily, weekend and weekly rentals of less than 30 days. In order to pass, at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the voting power of the Members of the Association must vote to approve. Under current California law, if approved, the CC&R amendment will only be applicable to Owners who take title to a property in Nellie Gail Ranch after the amendment. Current Owners who hold title to a property in Nellie Gail Ranch will not be subject to these restrictions, if approved.

1) Would you likely support a proposed amendment?

2) Are you in favor of authorizing the Association to establish a schedule of fines for violations of the short term rental restrictions consistent with the amount of rents received.

3) Would you be willing to assist with a door-to-door effort to gather ballots from homeowners to help achieve the 75% threshold?

4) The costs to attempt the amendment process are estimated as follows:

· Legal support to draft the amendment, ballot and notice to the Members: $5,000

· Inspector of Election to print, mail and count ballots: $4,400

· Return postage for ballots: $750

· Extra Ballots for door to door soliciting: $1,500

· Possible court filing to accept a 50% threshold if less than the CC&R required 75% is achieved: $15,000.