Fiddleneck – Poisonous Plant Toxic to Horses  

While this time of year brings lush green hills to the Nellie Gail Ranch community and Equestrian Center, please be aware of the potentially toxic plants that are often lurking among the tall grass. Fiddleneck is one of the many plants that can be toxic to horses and has been seen throughout the hills behind the Equestrian Center and around the community.

Nellie Gail Ranch open space is maintained in a natural state other than annual efforts to perform weed abatement late spring. Horses and pets should not be permitted to graze on Association trails or slopes. Homeowners will also want to monitor what is growing on their open space private property as well.

Please take a minute to select the below link from and read the article about Fiddleneck and inspect any areas before you allow your horse to graze to avoid ingestion.

Fiddleneck Information