Fire Readiness

It’s not too early to start thinking about protecting your home and property from fire. The wet winter season and lead into Spring will result in rapidly growing plant material including undesirable weeds. A little effort now may save a lot of effort in the coming months. 
The City of Laguna Hills conducts an annual weed abatement program designed to reduce fire hazards during the summer season. The following is a link to a list of fire-prone plant species. Weeds identified in the list as well as any dead, overgrown, or dried out vegetation, plants, and trees must be removed within 100 feet of any structure. Please note that the 100-foot clearance also includes distances to those structures that may be located on a neighbor’s property.
Many resources for vegetation management and fire safety can also be found on the Orange County Fire Authority website The following link provides maintenance guidance as well as recommendations for plant selection for new planting in defensible space and fuel modification zones.