Graffiti Vandalism

The North side of Nellie Gail Ranch has been struck by graffiti vandals three times in the past two weeks. The areas hit were Bridlewood at Glen Canyon and Nellie Gail Road at Buckboard. It appears the tagging has been done by the same individuals. We have reported the vandalism to the sheriff and the city.

Our mobile patrol security vehicle is keeping a watch but we need the watchful attention of our homeowners too. If you see anything currently in progress please call 9-1-1. If you see anything suspicious, please report to sheriff dispatch at 949-770-6011. The City of Laguna Hills has a Graffiti Hotline you can call at 949-707-2656. Be sure to note the exact location of the graffiti. You may also call the mobile patrol security officer directly at 949-371-7542. However, please call the sheriff first, then the security patrol vehicle in order that the sheriff can respond to direct homeowner calls.

Cleanup is the responsibility of the owner of whatever was tagged. The city takes care of the streets, curbs, and sidewalks, Nellie Gail Ranch takes care of trail fencing and signs and each homeowner is responsible for their own walls or other improvements. Again, please be watchful and report anything suspicious.