Security Safety Tip of the Month: Lights! Camera! Action!

Lights!  Don’t give a burglar the cover of darkness around your home in which to work.  Be sure the front of your home is well lit at night.  The options for effective security lighting range from a simple porch light that you turn on before turning in at night, to dusk to dawn technology that activates at or around dusk, to motion activated spotlights.  Do some research, find out what works best for your home and budget and get started!

Camera!  Like lighting, there is a wide variety of security camera options available to protect your home. A do it yourself-er may prefer an option like Ring, widely available commercially, that provide an array of low cost, easy to install doorbell cameras for your front door and motion activated spotlight cameras for the perimeter areas of your yard.  You can pick what you need, add and modify as needed, and their service plans are affordable and flexible based upon your needs.  There are also countless professional security camera companies available who will do an assessment of your property and customize a security camera system that meets your needs and budget.

Action!  Take some simple, common-sense steps to make your home less attractive to criminals. Be sure the entryways and windows of your home are not hidden by overgrown trees and bushes.  Do not leave extension ladders in your yard providing easy access to the second-floor doors and windows of your home.  Lock your doors and windows when you are not at home.  Let your neighbors know if you are going to be away for an extended period of time.  You can also request home checks by the Sheriff’s Department if you will be away on vacation.

Home security is everyone’s business.  It is unreasonable to expect the police or private security to prevent all crime.  Make your home less attractive to criminals and you will be less likely to become a victim of crime.  Lights! Camera! Action! means safety and security for your home and loved ones!