Sign-up for Electronic Distribution of the Annual Budget vs. Hard Copy

The Nellie Gail Ranch budget for the year beginning October 1, 2020, is scheduled to be mailed to homeowners late August. To receive your budget by e-mail instead of by hard copy in the mail, please sign up by selecting the below link. By accepting the budget by e-mail you will receive it in a format that is easy to access and store on your computer and you will save the Association the mailing cost. For each person accepting electronic mailings, we save approximately $2.50 for a potential collective savings of over $3,500. If you are one of our more than 350 homeowners who have previously signed up you are already in our system but it never hurts and only takes a moment to complete again. If you are one of our 1,057 homeowners who are still receiving hard copies of the budget and audit, please consider accepting e-mail delivery starting today!