Speed Table Installation Survey

Survey Regarding Possible Speed Table Installation on Nellie Gail Road Between Empty Saddle Drive and Oso Parkway

Throughout 2021 the Trails & Safety Committee has been working with the City of Laguna Hills Traffic Commission to improve safety of crossings on Nellie Gail Road in proximity to the Equestrian Center. To date, crossing markings have been painted on the street by the city at the Nellie Gail Road @ Rocking Horse crossing and the Association aligned fence openings with the painted crossing. The city also installed an additional Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) on the median in front of the Equestrian Center to supplement the existing beacons on both sides of the crossing.

We have requested the City to consider installing speed tables which differ from speed bumps and speed humps by having a lower profile and a longer travel width (see above graphic). The purpose would be to serve as a traffic calming device to reduce speed in proximity to the equestrian crossing adjacent to the Equestrian Center. We have previously solicited input from the community and received reports of ongoing concern related to speed of vehicles at this location and driver inattention to the crossing beacons. Increased enforcement has resulted in a number of speed citations but overall speed compliance does not seem to have increased. The city does not currently have a budget in place to fund the installation but the Traffic Commission is evaluating our request and considering feasibility. One of the criteria that Nellie Gail Ranch would need to meet is approval of 67% of the affected residents of the street and adjacent streets to support implementation. The attached map reflects the proposed area of homes the city would require to vote.

We are currently seeking input from all of our homeowners via this survey to determine support for, or identify concerns associated with, the proposed installation of “speed tables”, also referenced by the city as a “raised intersection”. We have not finalized a location for the speed tables. It could be a raised intersection at the Equestrian Center crossing or it could be located some amount of distance prior to arriving at the crossing. The purpose of the survey is NOT to finalize a vote on this matter. That would come at a later date when the details are ready to be submitted to the affected residents. The purpose of this survey is to determine support and/or concerns so we can better know how to pursue safer crossings with the city.

Please click here to complete the survey by Thursday, January 13th via the following link to provide your input.