This Week in Nellie Gail Ranch | April 8, 2022

From the week ending April 8, 2022

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Feedback Regarding Flock Safety System

Nellie Gail Ranch Owners Association (NGROA) contracted with Flock Safety Incorporated to provide Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) services for the Nellie Gail Ranch community as part of its overall security strategy. The NGROA ALPR system, connects with other public and private Flock ALPR systems throughout the region to provide an integrated public safety network. The interconnectivity of this broader network of ALPR systems provides law enforcement with an enhanced investigative capability to respond to and deter criminal activity throughout the Nellie Gail Ranch community and the City of Laguna Hills.

The NGROA ALPR system connects seamlessly with the City of Laguna Hills’ ALPR system. Together, these systems are being used by a variety of units within the Sheriff’s Department. Some of these units include, but are not limited to: Laguna Hills Police Services, Lake Forest Police Services, the Directed Enforcement Team (DET), the Gang Enforcement Team (GET), Sheriff’s Investigations, the Regional Auto Theft Detail, the Traffic Enforcement Bureau, the Special Victim’s Unit (SVU), and the Sheriff’s Crime Analysis Bureau.

Prior to this system being added to our City, Police Services had very little success in locating stolen vehicles. However, in the last six months, our staff has used this system to successfully locate nine occupied stolen vehicles, which resulted in thirteen arrests. Some of these stolen vehicles were occupied by multiple subjects, who were in possession of evidence linking them to multiple crimes in multiple jurisdictions. Four of these arrests were directly related to criminal activity which occurred in the Nellie Gail Ranch community. These are examples of how this system has enabled us to remove sophisticated criminals from our streets and prevent them from victimizing our residents.

I truly appreciate NGROA’s proactive approach to home security and public safety. By investing in this technology, you have provided a significant resource to our officers which has increased our ability to respond to and investigate criminal activity directly impacting our city. This system has been an excellent addition to our community, and we anticipate continued positive results in the future.

Captain Matthew Stiverson

Chief of Police Services | City of Laguna Hills

Orange County Sheriff’s Department

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Trail Safety – Bicycle Use Prohibited

Nellie Gail Ranch’s 25 miles of trails are interwoven throughout most of the 1,407 homes in the community. These easements are set aside for equestrian purposes and are one of the most unique and valued features of our community. For safety reasons, bicycles are prohibited on Nellie Gail Ranch Equestrian Trails to reduce the opportunity for startling horse and rider leading to potential injury.

Most bicycle enthusiasts when informed of the restrictions immediately comply but some have on occasion responded with comments that they are homeowners with a right to use the trails. There is an important distinction we should keep in mind with respect to the trails. Nellie Gail Ranch Owners Association owns very little of the trail system. The underlying ownership of the property is each of our homeowners. It is important for us to all be aware that whenever we are on a trail we are guests on another homeowner’s property. A bicycle on a trail that is set aside for equestrian purposes is no different than riding your bike across someone’s front yard. It is a trespass that could potentially cause injury. A piece of litter dropped on a trail or pet waste bag left in the bushes is no different than leaving that same litter on someone’s front yard.

As we each enjoy our shared use of the trails, let’s be sure to be good guests and reflect appreciation to our 1,407 hosts.

28th Annual Summer Tennis & Swim Camp

Equestrian Novice Camp

This camp is geared towards ages five to twelve with campers divided into age groups. Each day, campers will groom horses, have one-on-one riding time, and participate in many fun learning activities.

Camp Schedule