Trails and Safety

Nellie Gail Ranch is in the midst of swarm season. This happens in spring when half of a hive decides to leave the nest, and find a new home elsewhere. Tree branches or in the middle of a tall hedge are popular locations for bees to settle, while the scout bees look for a new home. Once a new location is found, (usually within a couple of days) the bees will move on. If they found a location in your backyard (like an irrigation box), chances are they have made this their new home. Since irrigation boxes are not ideal locations for a beehive, it’s best to call an expert to have them relocated. There are 3 professionals that remove and relocate beehives in the Laguna Hills area. These include Alberta Mirisciotti (949-646-2606); Backyard Bees (714-501-5944); and Dan the Beeman (858-230-0351). Dan only handles large jobs (those located inside walls and chimneys and rafters). Prices to humanely relocate a hive start at $200.00. I hope you’ll call and have your bees relocated instead of exterminated. Our planet needs bees to pollinate fruits, nuts, and vegetables.