Upper Oso Trail (Spotlight)

Upper Oso Trail extends from the Nellie Gail Road trailhead across from the Equestrian Center to Moulton Parkway behind Rocking Horse, Highwood Circle, and Red Lodge Place.  Running parallel with Oso Parkway, and elevated and distant from its traffic, this trail has some great features. In addition to enjoyment of views, It can be used to access the county trail system via the tunnel beneath Nellie Gail Road and it also connects with Sweetwater Trail. This month, with the support of the Trails & Safety Committee and approval from the City, we have begun regular and ongoing maintenance of this trail that was formerly cleared once annually. This trail greatly improves equestrian access to Moulton Parkway and the Moulton Arena. Plan a visit to this trail soon and enjoy the views on one of your next hikes or equestrian rides.