Weed Abatement

Many hillsides throughout Nellie Gail Ranch are currently adorned with Summer Mustard a beautiful yellow flowering plant. Despite its current beauty, Orange County Public Works advises it is in fact designated an invasive “noxious weed” that was first introduced on the West Coast about 200 years ago. There are a number of curious theories on how wild mustard, native to Spain and other Mediterranean countries, arrived here. But what we do know for sure is it has really thrived in our climate and is now found on almost every undisturbed hillside and vacant lot in Orange County.

Trail grading and weed removal is the main focus for Nellie Gail Ranch trail maintenance crews this month and next. The first priority is grading and filling ruts caused by rain and removing sandbags. The second is removing the weeds from the physical trail (graded dirt path) followed by the large scale slope weed abatement through the end of May.