Wind Event Caution

With the first high winds of the season upon us please be sure to secure pool toys, lawn furniture pads, umbrellas, and anything else that may blow away.  We urge timely action on behalf of equestrians who may be startled by blowing debris.  We recommend staying off the trails today until the wind dies down.

Please notify us at or by text to 949-933-8546 if you see downed trees or large branches.  Send a photo and a description of the location.

Regarding clean-up, after a wind like we have today, the clean-up can take two weeks.  The following is our clean-up priority:

  1. Downed trees blocking streets
  2. Downed trees blocking trails
  3. Fallen branches removed from parks, arenas, streetscapes, and trails
  4. Equestrian Center, Tennis and Swim Center debris removal
  5. Debris removal from streetscapes and planters
Be careful if outside today!