Emergency Sandbags Available at the Clubhouse Parking Lot

Sandbagging is one of the most versatile and effective flood fighting tools to protect against water damage to landscape and homes.  We have received our annual delivery of sand and sandbags for time-sensitive flooding or erosion control concerns that may arise over the Fall and Winter.  They are located in the corner of the Association Clubhouse parking lot adjacent to the storage sheds.  It is self-service and self-fill, please take no more than 10 for quick emergencies that may arise.

Now is also the time to evaluate your slopes and clear your drain culverts and catch basins.  In areas where you have had the previous flooding, it is a lot more effective to order sandbags from your landscaper and place them proactively while it is dry rather than trying to place a few limited sandbags in a downpour.  Please do not divert water to your neighbor’s property as each home is responsible for accepting its own share of runoff.

One additional use for sandbags is they are a great workout at approximately 30 pounds each!