Nellie Gail Road Equestrian Crossings

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Input Requested

The City of Laguna Hills Traffic Commission is scheduled to meet this January 20th. The Nellie Gail Ranch Trails & Safety Committee, with the support of the Equestrian Committee and certain concerned Nellie Gail Ranch Residents, will be attending this meeting and presenting crosswalk safety concerns focusing on the crosswalks at Nellie Gail Road at the Equestrian Center and the one on Nellie Gail Road and Empty Saddle. The link at the bottom of this post is available to report any concerns you may have with “near misses” or “accidents” with vehicles while crossing these intersections. Please report your experiences as soon as possible as it is important to get previous incidents recorded in order that the data may be compiled and shared with the city. The goal is to collaborate with the City to determine what further safety mechanisms may be implemented by the City to slow the flow of traffic on this particular stretch of Nellie Gail Road and prevent future near misses or accidents that could be hazardous to pedestrians, riders, and/or horses.
We know there may be other crossings within Nellie Gail Ranch that require additional safety measures, however, we are beginning with these two crossings. We plan to address other crossings in the future.
To submit a report please click on the following link and identify your name, the date of the incident, a brief description of the incident, and your relationship to Nellie Gail Ranch (resident, guest, equestrian instructor, equestrian boarder, etc.). If you don’t know the exact date, you may include the approximate date. Thank you in advance for your “near miss” reports as we collaborate with the City to make our streets safer for everyone!


Crossing Incidents Form