Trail Safety Related to ATV Golf Cart

We have received reports of an ATV golf cart careening around equestrian trails in proximity to Buckskin / Buckboard and Nellie Gail Road.  It has also been seen on the streets in this area, specifically on Mustang,  and over by Glenn Canyon Court.  The reports are four to six youths driving at high speed, loud voices, loud music, scaring horses, and pedestrians.  If you have youth and a golf cart at your home please check to confirm the use is safe and respectable. No motorized recreational vehicle use is permitted on the equestrian trails.  Use on public streets must be consistent with the law and with good common sense and respect to the community.  

If you see concerns of this nature during off-business hours you may report to the Nellie Gail Ranch mobile patrol officer at 949-371-7542.  During business hours you may report to the Association office at 949-425-1477.