Have We Forgotten?

A message from Captain Issac Wyatt, submitted by Karen Robbins, Chairman, TEAM DARKHORSE
Sept. 11th was a reminder that this experiment of a constitutional republic isn’t beyond failure. That every day, we as Americans would need to fight to keep it.

It was a reminder that our principles of freedom are not naturally occurring in the world. The history of man can largely be characterized by violence, bloodshed, and oppression. And that there are still many who wish that to be the case.

It was a reminder that this nation collectively and consciously agreed to pursue liberty and morality. And a love for our fellow man.

For 19 years, we have told ourselves, ‘Never Forget.’ And I don’t doubt that we remember the great sacrifice made by those who died that day. But the attacks were not merely an attack on human life—they were an attack on the principles that were supposed to unite all of us.
Have we forgotten? I hope not, because reminders are devastating.