Home Security Tips

Recent reports received from Crimemapping.com indicates a total of three (3) burglaries during the past 30 days in the Nellie Gail Ranch community.

Help keep our community safe by following these tips to protect yourself from property crime.

Criminals are looking for an easy opportunity with the lowest risk. These simple preventative steps can go a long way toward eliminating crimes of opportunity and reducing the frequency of burglaries or thefts in the community.

If you see something suspicious, please call Sheriff Dispatch at 949-770-6011 or 911 immediately. Valid calls to Sherriff Dispatch result in more frequent patrols by law enforcement of the Nellie Gail Ranch community. The longer you wait, the harder it is to catch the criminal.

  • Persons loitering in the neighborhood – in a vehicle or on foot.
  • Persons and/or vehicles in the same location for a long or unusual period of time.
  • Persons carrying or concealing something suspicious.
  • Persons peering into cars.
  • Valuables being removed from home or vehicle.
  • Strange vehicles parked at the neighbor’s home.
  • Light or flashlight in homes while neighbors are away.
  • Suspicious sounds such as breaking glass, alarms, screaming, loud bangs or gunshots.
  • Prying, pounding or forcing sounds.

This link has other tips to prevent crime https://www.ocsd.org/documents/sheriff/staysafe/StaySafeOCBrochureOutreach_PR.pdf

For information regarding Crime Mapping visit: https://www.crimemapping.com/about

And remember, if you see anything suspicious, please call Sheriff Dispatch at 949-770-6011 or 911 in case of an emergency.