Homeowner Trail Fencing and Perimeter Fencing

Boulder Earthwork repairs and replaces Association fencing throughout the community. If your property perimeter and/or wood trail fencing is in a state of disrepair, Boulder Earthwork is currently offering discounted prices for Nellie Gail Ranch residents to repair, remove or replace 3-rail wood trail fencing.

Removal of fencing with no replacement is $7 per lineal foot. If your trail fencing is in a state of disrepair, please consider removing and deciding at a future date what to replace it with. Removal of dilapidated fencing reduces risk associated with loose boards and exposed nails or screws.

Boulder’s price for removal and replacement using pressure treated lumber is $32 per lineal foot. That is for the basic 3-rail wood fence along a property perimeter or trail. Wood fencing with attachments like chicken wire or mesh will cost extra based on materials used and requires an onsite estimate. You may reach Boulder Earthwork at 949-635-6958 or boulderosvaldo@aol.com

Repairing sections of existing fencing does not require an ARC application. Replacing an existing fence like for like will require an ARC application but we will waive the application fee (provided that is the sole item on the application). Replacing fencing with different materials or in different locations will require an application and the associated fee. You may use alternative vendors according to your preference.

Please review your fencing at your earliest opportunity and take steps to remove, repair or replace as may be appropriate.