This Week in Nellie Gail Ranch | January 7, 2022


This Week in Nellie Gail Ranch

From the week ending on January 7, 2022

January Pony Express

The January Pony Express is here. No need to wait for the newsletter to reach your mailbox, read the January Issue online today!

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Association Clubhouse Restroom Renovation

The following is an update on our construction schedule for the restrooms and bar. Work on the Swim Center restrooms is substantively complete and nearly ready to open. Unfortunately the restroom partitions remain on backorder until February. In order to commence work on the Tennis Center restrooms we have installed temporary partitions in the Swim Center restrooms. Demo on the Tennis Center restrooms will commence Monday.

Meanwhile, we are making progress working on the bar and kitchen buildout. All below ground interior plumbing is complete and the foundation trenches re-poured. Electrical and drywall will soon follow. Appliances are on their way and we have a tentative completion date of the first week of February.

Thank you for your patience as we work to complete these Clubhouse projects that we are confident will enhance the value of your ownership!!

EPC Training and Bee Keeping Seminar Postponed

Due to rising COVID cases, the Bee Keeping Seminar scheduled on January 19th is postponed. Additionally, the EPC Water Preservation Training session scheduled for January 20th has also been postponed. We will reschedule both at a more convenient time.