This Week in Nellie Gail Ranch | March 18, 2022

From The Week Ending March 18, 2022

Tennis & Swim Club Parking Lot Closure

The NGROA parking lot paving project will require the entire parking lot to be closed all day Thursday & Friday, March 24 & 25 and half day SaturdayMarch 26, 2022. The project consists of repairs, repaving and striping the entire parking lot. There will be no vehicle access to the Association, Tennis & Swim Center parking lot during this time. Temporary parking will be available on Empty Saddle Drive. The parking lot will re-open Saturday, March 26, 2022 at 1:00pm. Please contact the Association office at 949-425-1477 with any inquiries or concerns. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Crime Prevention Workshop

The Crime prevention Workshop was held Wednesday, March 16, 2022 at the Association Clubhouse. Approximately 40 members were in attendance. The meeting was led by Alyssa Rabas, Laguna Hills Crime Prevention Specialist. In addition, two OC Sheriff Deputies assigned to Laguna Hills were in attendance for a Q&A session with residents. The below link is a Crime Prevention handout provided at the meeting. Alyssa and the two attending sherrif’s stressed the following:

Anyone who see suspicious activity should immediately call Sheriff dispatch. Be prepared to provide a detailed description of why the activity is suspicious. To the extent possible provide the make, model and color of any vehicle involved. If the report is regarding a person or persons provide a description including height, build, identifying features, color and clothes.

Effective deterrents include the following:

  1. Cameras on homes
  2. Alarm systems (when armed)
  3. Dogs

Additional Resources:

OC Sheriff Blotter –

Alert OC – to receive alerts via phone for large incidents e.g., earthquakes, tsunami warnings –

For information on starting a Neighborhood Watch Program on your street, please contact Alyssa Rabas, OC Sheriff Crime Prevention Specialist at 949-707-2641 or email

OCSD’s Crime Mapping Program

Residents of Laguna Hills have the ability to better track public safety issues in their neighborhoods with the OCSD software program, CrimeMapping, which allows anyone to monitor and analyze criminal activity. More specifically, CrimeMapping allows residents to search for 15 types of crime by address, landmark, or zip code. In addition, residents can also sign up for custom-designed alerts, as well as create reports to easily analyze criminal activity near homes, schools, or businesses. The crime data reported on the mobile-friendly application is pulled directly from crimes reported to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and is updated every 24 hours. Although the data is preliminary, the CrimeMapping program provides the public with important and timely information, which will increase awareness of criminal activity and promote safer communities.

Laguna Hills residents can sign up for CrimeMapping alerts through the Orange County Sheriff’s Department website at

Solicitation for Board Candidates

The Association is soliciting candidates for the upcoming 2022 Board of Directors election to be held on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. Candidate applications must be received by the Association by March 24, 2022 to be nominated and listed on the pre-ballot notice that will be posted prior to April 1, 2022. The pre-ballot notice will include all names that will be included on the ballot to be mailed by April 30, 2022. Candidates whose nominations are received after March 24, 2022 may still run for election but will not be included on the ballot.

1. Subject to Civil Code §5105, all Candidates for the Board must meet the following qualifications:

a. The Candidate must be an Owner. If title to a separate interest is held by a legal entity, such entity may appoint a natural person to serve or vote on such entity’s behalf by delivering evidence of an appropriate written appointment to the Association;

b. The Candidate must be current in the payment of all regular and special assessments. For the purposes of these election rules, “current” means no regular or special assessment is past due by more than thirty (30) days, or such period of time as is specifically defined in the Association’s collection policy;

c. The Candidate may not hold a joint ownership interest in the same separate interest as any other candidate or incumbent director; and

d. The Candidate is not eligible to run if the Association is aware or becomes aware of a past criminal conviction that would, if the Candidate were elected, either prevent the Association from purchasing the fidelity bond coverage required by Civil Code §5806 or terminate the Association’s existing fidelity bond coverage.

Additional information regarding the Associations Election Rules and Procedures is provided in the Nellie Gail Ranch Owners Association Election Rules adopted November 19, 2019 and are available on-line at or by request to

Revised Election Rules

Revised Election Rules Adopted March 15, 2022

The attached Election Rules were adopted by the Board effective March 15, 2022. The revisions confirm that a Candidate Registration list will be maintained and that election records will be maintained as an association record for such period as required by law. Both revisions make the Election Rules compliant with new California Civil Code.