Harvest for Hope

Thank you again to our Nellie Gail Ranch homeowners and Tennis Center Members for your generosity during the Harvest for Hope Food Drive. This past Wednesday’s final collection day provided for a strong finish. While the food drive may be over we do remain interested and willing to assist in harvesting fruit from trees that are producing more than your family can use. Rather than allowing excess fruit to go to waste, please remember you can always reach out to us to harvest and distribute.  At some point in the future when conditions allow we would also like to host a Framers Market to share what we grow here in Nellie Gail Ranch.  Meanwhile, please save and use the following link if you have excess fruit that can go to a good cause:

Harvest for Hope Donation Form

Pickleball Court Retaining Wall

Repairs to the crumbling top course of the retaining walls commenced this week and work is progressing as scheduled. This project funded wholly by our Tennis Center memberships will serve to protect the long term integrity of the rest of the wall and greatly improve recreation center aesthetics.

Nellie Gail Ranch Clubhouse Planting

Demo of old plant material in front of the Clubhouse started today. The top layer of old soil will be removed and then fresh soil and amendments added. Drip irrigation and planting will follow.

Sign-up for Electronic Distribution of the Annual Budget vs. Hard Copy

The Nellie Gail Ranch budget for the year beginning October 1, 2020, is scheduled to be mailed to homeowners late August. To receive your budget by e-mail instead of by hard copy in the mail, please sign up by selecting the below link. By accepting the budget by e-mail you will receive it in a format that is easy to access and store on your computer and you will save the Association the mailing cost. For each person accepting electronic mailings, we save approximately $2.50 for a potential collective savings of over $3,500. If you are one of our more than 350 homeowners who have previously signed up you are already in our system but it never hurts and only takes a moment to complete again. If you are one of our 1,057 homeowners who are still receiving hard copies of the budget and audit, please consider accepting e-mail delivery starting today!

Clubhouse Update

Thank you to our homeowners and club members for your patience. The exterior and hardscape clubhouse improvements have been completed!! There will be some paint touch up on Monday but the building is now complete and we have full use of the entry doors for access to the Swim and Tennis Centers. We look forward to the eventual opening of the clubhouse for our homeowners and club member’s use.

Planting will commence in the first week of August. The first step will be the excavation of 4″ of the existing topsoil that has construction debris and years of accumulated salts. Fresh soil and amendments will be placed and then planting will follow with drip irrigation. The Nellie Gail Ranch Landscape Committee will be selecting decorative boulders and actively monitoring the planting as we implement the scope of work.

Pickleball Court Repairs

With the Clubhouse work now behind us, we are moving forward and focusing on other necessary reserve projects. Starting this next week, we are implementing extensive repairs to the perimeter walls of the Pickleball courts. The top course of the perimeter wall has been deteriorating, and we are implementing repairs to replace the weakened sections. This reserve project is being funded by the Tennis Cost Center reserves, which are wholly funded by Tennis and Pickleball memberships. Work will commence this next week and will take about four weeks. Work will be phased to allow four of the eight courts to continue with play during the construction schedule.

Pickleball Hours Of Play

We previously announced the Board was reviewing requests by Pickleball Members to extend the hours of play from 9 am to 8 am. After review of the constructive comments received and presented by homeowners, the Board voted Tuesday evening to keep the hours of play at the current 9 am to 8 pm timeframe. Thank you to all who presented your preferences.

Tennis or Pickleball Member Passes

Clubhouse Update

We are on the final stretch to completion of the Clubhouse exterior. The pavers leading to the Clubhouse entry have been set in place and the roof tiles displaced by the demo are being installed. This week and last the stucco and base color coat went on with building painting scheduled for next week then the scaffolding will come down. The new gate at the Tennis entry will also go in next week and very soon our members will be able to access the Clubhouse via the building entry again!

Consideration of Pickleball Program Time Change

The Nellie Gail Ranch Board of Directors has been requested by homeowner pickleball members to consider revising the pickleball play start time from the current 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 am.  The request will be considered at the next Open Session Board meeting Tuesday evening, July 21, 2020, at 7:30 pm.

If you wish you may provide input to admin@nelliegailranch.org or you may attend the meeting via Zoom at the following link:

Zoom Meeting Link:

Dial in #:  +1 669 900 6833
Meeting ID: 842 1617 7522
Password: 718625

If you have additional questions, please contact Dennis Moss at the Nellie Gail Ranch Owners Association office at 949-425-1477.