Trails Update

Due to the frequent on and off rains, some trails may not be accessible by vehicles even on sunny days. Trail permits are always required for vehicles to enter any of the trails.

In between the rains, the trail maintenance crew clears V-ditches & drains, regrades trails where needed, replaces broken sandbags and removes debris overflows into the city streets. 

Please contact the Association Office for trail conditions before accessing any trail with vehicles or construction equipment until further notice.

Trails are open to hikers and equestrians to use at their own risk, unless the trails are otherwise marked with caution tape or signs.

Fitness Classes

Sand Maintenance

One of the regular maintenance tasks we perform is sand roto-tilling. This past week we completed roto-tilling of the Clubhouse volleyball court and the playground sand at Moulton Park and Dapple Grey Park. This maintenance results in a softer play surface for our children at the playgrounds and extends the sand life by reducing compaction.

Application for Nominating Committee Appointment

The Board of Directors will be appointing a Nominating Committee at the February 16, 2021 Board Meeting. If you have an interest in serving, please complete the below form by Wednesday, February 8, 2021. Attached is the adopted Charter that describes Nominating Committee responsibilities.

Nominating Committee Application

Nominating Committee Charter

Emergency Sandbags Available at the Clubhouse Parking Lot

Sandbagging is one of the most versatile and effective flood fighting tools to protect against water damage to landscape and homes.  We have received our annual delivery of sand and sandbags for time-sensitive flooding or erosion control concerns that may arise over the Fall and Winter.  They are located in the corner of the Association Clubhouse parking lot adjacent to the storage sheds.  It is self-service and self-fill, please take no more than 10 for quick emergencies that may arise.

Now is also the time to evaluate your slopes and clear your drain culverts and catch basins.  In areas where you have had the previous flooding, it is a lot more effective to order sandbags from your landscaper and place them proactively while it is dry rather than trying to place a few limited sandbags in a downpour.  Please do not divert water to your neighbor’s property as each home is responsible for accepting its own share of runoff.

One additional use for sandbags is they are a great workout at approximately 30 pounds each!

Nellie Gail Road Equestrian Crossings

Continue reading below to see how you can be of help.
Input Requested

The City of Laguna Hills Traffic Commission is scheduled to meet this January 20th. The Nellie Gail Ranch Trails & Safety Committee, with the support of the Equestrian Committee and certain concerned Nellie Gail Ranch Residents, will be attending this meeting and presenting crosswalk safety concerns focusing on the crosswalks at Nellie Gail Road at the Equestrian Center and the one on Nellie Gail Road and Empty Saddle. The link at the bottom of this post is available to report any concerns you may have with “near misses” or “accidents” with vehicles while crossing these intersections. Please report your experiences as soon as possible as it is important to get previous incidents recorded in order that the data may be compiled and shared with the city. The goal is to collaborate with the City to determine what further safety mechanisms may be implemented by the City to slow the flow of traffic on this particular stretch of Nellie Gail Road and prevent future near misses or accidents that could be hazardous to pedestrians, riders, and/or horses.
We know there may be other crossings within Nellie Gail Ranch that require additional safety measures, however, we are beginning with these two crossings. We plan to address other crossings in the future.
To submit a report please click on the following link and identify your name, the date of the incident, a brief description of the incident, and your relationship to Nellie Gail Ranch (resident, guest, equestrian instructor, equestrian boarder, etc.). If you don’t know the exact date, you may include the approximate date. Thank you in advance for your “near miss” reports as we collaborate with the City to make our streets safer for everyone!


Crossing Incidents Form

Trail Safety Related to ATV Golf Cart

We have received reports of an ATV golf cart careening around equestrian trails in proximity to Buckskin / Buckboard and Nellie Gail Road.  It has also been seen on the streets in this area, specifically on Mustang,  and over by Glenn Canyon Court.  The reports are four to six youths driving at high speed, loud voices, loud music, scaring horses, and pedestrians.  If you have youth and a golf cart at your home please check to confirm the use is safe and respectable. No motorized recreational vehicle use is permitted on the equestrian trails.  Use on public streets must be consistent with the law and with good common sense and respect to the community.  

If you see concerns of this nature during off-business hours you may report to the Nellie Gail Ranch mobile patrol officer at 949-371-7542.  During business hours you may report to the Association office at 949-425-1477.

January Pony Express

Read the January issue of the Pony Express HERE before it hits your mailbox.