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This Week in Nellie Gail Ranch | August 13, 2021

From the week ending on August 13, 2021

Summer Concert Series: Jumping Jack Flash

TONIGHT, August 13, 2021 at 7:00 PM @ Gallup Park

Jumping Jack Flash is a live retrospective presentation of 50 years of the Rolling Stones’ famous (and infamous!) career. Didn’t see The Stones in the 60’s from the front row? Here’s your second chance!

There will be no dance floor tonight in response to CDC recommendations for activities with close proximity gatherings

COME HUNGRY! We’ve got some yummy food trucks waiting for you.

Italian Burger & Grill

Offering hearty gourmet burgers (beef, chicken, veggie), grilled ribeye steak or grilled chicken plates, grilled vegetables, chicken Caesar salad, loaded fries, and more delicious choices. Let’s eat!

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Tres Compas Mexican Grill

Serving up authentic and flavorful Mexican food: taco plates or a-la-carte (Carnitas, Fish, Steak, Chicken, Al Pastor or Veggie), burritos, tostada salad, quesadillas, meat fries, sopes, homemade corn tortillas, rice and beans. Don’t forget some warm, cream-filled churros for dessert!

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Drizzle Funnel Cakes

Unique and delicious funnel cake shaped like a cone and filled to the brim with ice cream, fresh fruits, and other toppings. Or choose a cold coffee dessert, strawberry lemonade, or Thai tea float. Drizzle is all about details and quality.

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There has been an increase in residential burglaries in South Orange County. Please take extra precautions with your home and call the Sheriff’s Department if you see any suspicious activity or experience a break-in.

Emergency or Crime In Progress – Dial 9-1-1

Sheriff’s Non-Emergency Dispatch

(714) 647-7000 or (949) 770-6011

Below are some home safety tips to help keep your home protected.

Lights! Don’t give a burglar the cover of darkness around your home in which to work. Be sure the front of your home is well lit at night. The options for effective security lighting range from a simple porch light that you turn on before turning in at night, to dusk to dawn technology that activates at or around dusk, to motion activated spotlights. Do some research, find out what works best for your home and budget and get started!

Camera! Like lighting, there is a wide variety of security camera options available to protect your home. A do it yourself-er may prefer an option like Ring, widely available commercially, that provide an array of low cost, easy to install doorbell cameras for your front door and motion activated spotlight cameras for the perimeter areas of your yard. You can pick what you need, add and modify as needed, and their service plans are affordable and flexible based upon your needs. There are also countless professional security camera companies available who will do an assessment of your property and customize a security camera system that meets your needs and budget.

Action! Take some simple, common-sense steps to make your home less attractive to criminals. Be sure the entryways and windows of your home are not hidden by overgrown trees and bushes. Do not leave extension ladders in your yard providing easy access to the second-floor doors and windows of your home. Lock your doors and windows when you are not at home. Let your neighbors know if you are going to be away for an extended period of time. You can also request home checks by the Sheriff’s Department if you will be away on vacation.

Home security is everyone’s business. It is unreasonable to expect the police or private security to prevent all crime. Make your home less attractive to criminals and you will be less likely to become a victim of crime. Lights! Camera! Action! means safety and security for your home and loved ones!

Board Meeting Tuesday, August 17, 2021

at 7:30 PM via Zoom

Join us via Zoom on Tuesday, August 17 at 7:30 PM. View the Open Session Agenda below.


Zoom Meeting Link:

Dial in#: 669 900 6833

Meeting ID: 864 0115 4406

Passcode: 123749

This Week in Nellie Gail Ranch | August 6, 2021

Nellie Gail Ranch Olympian: Anicka Delgado

Nellie Gail Ranch resident, Anicka Delgado, just returned from the Tokyo Olympics where she swam for Ecuador. Coached by her two-time Olympian father and owner of Evolution Racing Club, Felipe Delgado, Anicka swam in the Women’s 50m and 100m Freestyle. We are so proud of Anicka’s determination, dedication, and success!

More to come about Anicka’s Olympic journey next month in the September Issue of the Pony Express.

Special Board Meeting August 12, 2021 at 6 PM (Via Zoom)

A special budget workshop has been scheduled to review and adopt the 2021-22 budget and 2021-22 reserve study. The meeting will be held Thursday, August 12th at 6:00 PM via ZOOM (no in person meeting due to CDC guidance). An executive session meeting will also be held to review the staff budget and consider approval of a contractor for the restroom reserve project and bar/kitchen capital project.


Zoom Meeting Link:

Dial in# 669 900 6833

Meeting ID: 882 1045 6762

Passcode: 742634

Graffiti Vandalism

We had extensive vandalism this past weekend at the Gallup Park gazebo, the trail behind Gallup Park, a homeowner wall on Flintlock, and the city La Paz tunnel. It appears the tagging was done by the same individual(s). We have reported the vandalism to the sheriff and the city.

Our mobile patrol security vehicle is keeping a watch but we need the watchful attention of our homeowners too.

  • If you see anything currently in progress please call 9-1-1.
  • If you see anything suspicious, please report to sheriff dispatch at 949-770-6011.
  • The City of Laguna Hills has a Graffiti Hotline you can call at 949-707-2656.
  • You may also call the the Owner’s Association Office directly at 949-425-1477. Please call the sheriff first, then the Association Office in order that the sheriff can respond to direct homeowner calls.

Be sure to note the exact location of the graffiti.

Cleanup is the responsibility of the owner of whatever was tagged. The city takes care of the streets, curbs, and sidewalks, Nellie Gail Ranch takes care of trail fencing and signs and each homeowner is responsible for their own walls or other improvements. Again, please be watchful and report anything suspicious.

Summer Concert Series: Jumping Jack Flash

Next Friday, August 13, 2021 at 7:00 PM @ Gallup Park

Jumping Jack Flash is a live retrospective presentation of 50 years of the Rolling Stones’ famous (and infamous!) career. Didn’t see The Stones in the 60’s from the front row? Here’s your second chance!

Grab your chairs or blankets and ice chest and come sing and dance with us while watching JUMPING JACK FLASH perform LIVE at Gallup Park NEXT FRIDAY, August 13 at 7:00 PM!

COME HUNGRY! We’ve got some yummy food trucks waiting for you.

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Announcing the Tuesday, May 12th First Phase Re-Opening of the Nellie Gail Ranch Tennis and Swim Center

We are excited to announce the first phase of our re-opening of the Nellie Gail Ranch Tennis and Swim Centers with revised hours and temporary use rules.  Please review this entire message and all of the attachments prior to visiting for the first time.  The Temporary Recreation Center Use Rules are intended to make the Nellie Gail Ranch Recreation Center accessible to the membership while promoting good hygiene and proper physical distancing. 
Hours of Operation:

  • Swim Center – Open to homeowners only from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. for lap swimming only.  
  • Tennis Center – 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Pickleball – 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

The following link is to our Temporary Recreation Center Use Rules providing guidance on how the tennis, pickleball, and swim facilities may be used starting Tuesday, May 12th.


Due to construction in our parking lot and building exterior, access to the parking lot will be via one entry lane as noted by the red arrow and one exit lane also noted by a red arrow.  Access to enter the Swim and Tennis Centers are noted by the yellow arrow.

All homeowners and club members must check-in at the reception desk prior to the use of the facilities. The following waiver is required to be completed prior to the use of the recreation center. Please complete prior to arriving to streamline your check-in.


Reservations are required for use of the Tennis and Pickleball courts. You may reserve a court via the following link:

Kourts App

Swim lanes are first come first serve. Access to the swimming pool is restricted to lap swimming for homeowners only. With this first phase of re-opening no non-homeowner club members or swim team members may use the pool pending a revision to the state guidelines prohibiting public pool use. We are hopeful of welcoming the rest of you back soon!
Please be aware of the following:

  • No person may access the recreation center that is sick, that has a fever or a confirmed case of Covid-19. Any person visiting a facility should wash their hands regularly and/or use sanitizer.
  • Access to the Tennis and Pickleball courts is restricted to residents and Club members only. No guest use is permitted at this time.
  • All residents and Club members accessing the recreation center are required to bring either disposable sanitary wipes or similar cleaning materials for personal sanitary purposes. 

Restroom / Shower Facilities:

  • Restrooms access will be limited to one person at a time (or a parent and child as may be necessary).
  • Showers inside restrooms will be closed.
  • Additional janitorial hours have been approved to implement heightened sanitation of contact surfaces. Janitorial will be in place for all hours of operation.

Sunbathing Use

  • Not permitted at this time.

Spa Use

  • Not permitted at this time. 

Membership Fees:
We will begin invoicing our Tennis and Pickleball Club Members for membership fees again with a pro-rated May invoice. If you paid your March fees prior to our March 17th closing, you will receive a credit for that portion of the month we were closed. For our Club Members who may not be ready to integrate back into activity, you may request we suspend your dues through June 30th, or earlier depending upon your comfort level to return to activity.
For those who are anxious to start activities that remain restricted, we will continue to model the local authorities’ guidelines and phase in further openings.

Meanwhile, WELCOME BACK!! We have been looking forward to this first phase of re-opening for a long time and look forward to seeing you soon!

Special Meeting to Review Plan to Reopen Recreation Facilities

We have been monitoring the state and county press conferences regarding ongoing business closures and reopening discussions. We have also reviewed reports of local recreation facilities who are making moves to reopen their clubs. We are currently preparing our own plan for a phased reopening and are scheduling a Zoom video/conference call on Monday, May 11, 2020, at 6:00 pm to review a draft plan and schedule for reopening the recreation facilities. We want our homeowners, Tennis Members, Pickleball Members, and Swim Center Members to review our proposed plan for reopening and provide an opportunity for you to provide input. We know many people are ready to start participating in their sports of choice again, while others remain concerned about potential public exposure. We want to create a plan that addresses both perspectives and provides you with an opportunity to give input.

Please put the date of May 11, 2020, at 6:00 p.m. on your calendar. We will send a link to the meeting next week. Meanwhile, please safely enjoy our trails and open space and what looks to be a beautiful weekend.

Pickleball is Coming to Nellie Gail Ranch!

Pickleball is a relatively new sport first played in 1965, which combines elements of tennis, ping pong, and badminton. The internet reflects all kinds of estimates as to how many millions upon millions of players now enjoy this sport in the US and worldwide. But what really caught our attention was a passionate group of Pickleball playing Nellie Gail Ranch homeowners who wanted a local place to play. 
The first feasibility discussion was at the June Board Meeting, which was followed by an August pickleball demonstration at which temporary courts were put in place, and demonstration games were played. After further discussion, a trial period was implemented on October 21st as we set up three courts and invited our homeowners and their guests to come play. Over the course of the trial period, we had many players enjoying the courts, and homeowner players organized several Pickleball Socials that drew a fun group to the Association Clubhouse. 
We want to be sure we continue to be good neighbors to those in proximity to the Recreation Center, so we carefully evaluated which courts would be best situated for play and which hours would be most appropriate for Pickleball play. At the November 19th meeting, the Board considered member comments and support and approved converting Tennis Courts 1 and 2 into 8 Pickleball courts. We are excited to be able to provide our homeowners with this new amenity. While the sport is often referenced as a favorite new sport for seniors, it has its origins as a family game, and we are seeing families and younger players enjoying it too. A Pickleball Membership may make a perfect gift for someone you love!! We invite you to consider signing up for a Pickleball membership at the Nellie Gail Ranch Tennis Center. Click the button to view the flyer with the hours and rates.