Solar Panel Cleaning at the Clubhouse

We took the opportunity this week to clean our solar panels of the recent fire ash and accumulated construction dust.  The days may be getting shorter but with our freshly cleaned panels, we are looking forward to improved efficiency for the rest of the year.  Our solar panels installed in 2012 continue to offset energy costs.  The initial investment has been offset by approximately 67% with savings to date and we find our annual savings totals have also increased over the years due to the yearly escalation of energy costs.

Little Free Library

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” – Walt Disney

We are so excited to announce that Nellie Gail Ranch has signed up with the nonprofit organization Little Free Library. If you walk or ride bikes in neighboring communities, I’m sure you’ve seen a Little Free Library house.

Little Free Library was started in 2009 with the goal of promoting literacy and the joy of reading. Since then, 100,000 Little Free Libraries can be found all around the world. The idea is to share books and the joy of reading with your neighbors by Giving a Book, Taking a Book.

Our Nellie Gail Ranch Little Free Library is installed close to the entrance of our clubhouse. Next time you are looking for a new book to read, come on down to the clubhouse and see what new books are of interest in our Little Free Library. Bring a book that you have enjoyed and would love to share and, in turn, exchange it with a new book.

If you’re interested to learn more about Little Free Library and how this nonprofit got started, please visit

Requesting Rustic Donations

We are seeking rustic donations to use in decorating our clubhouse. Two items, in particular, we would love to have is a saddle and saddle stand. Please send photos or descriptions to if you have any items you would be willing to donate. Thank you!!

Clubhouse Planting

Planting at the Clubhouse is nearly complete with final fill in and mulching scheduled next week.  The two trees in the photo are Desert Willow’s adorned with trumpet-shaped flower clusters that bloom late spring to fall. The trees will attract hummingbirds and are said to be fast-growing and easy to maintain. In the planter surrounding the trees, we have Gold Coin Daisy’s, Pigeon Point Dwarf Coyote Brush, and Siskiyou Blue Fescue for a mixture of flowers, shrubs, and grasses. The arbor has Antignon Leptopus Coral Vines which will be adorned with bright pink flowers with deep pink centers.

Thank you to our Landscape Committee who provided input on the plans and plant selection and assisted with locating the boulders. We are looking forward to watching the landscape establish in the coming months!!

Clubhouse Planting

In preparation for planting the old existing plant material was removed and the top four inches of old soil along with many surface roots. Work will continue next week with new soil and amendments being added.

Nellie Gail Ranch Clubhouse Planting

Demo of old plant material in front of the Clubhouse started today. The top layer of old soil will be removed and then fresh soil and amendments added. Drip irrigation and planting will follow.

Clubhouse Update

Thank you to our homeowners and club members for your patience. The exterior and hardscape clubhouse improvements have been completed!! There will be some paint touch up on Monday but the building is now complete and we have full use of the entry doors for access to the Swim and Tennis Centers. We look forward to the eventual opening of the clubhouse for our homeowners and club member’s use.

Planting will commence in the first week of August. The first step will be the excavation of 4″ of the existing topsoil that has construction debris and years of accumulated salts. Fresh soil and amendments will be placed and then planting will follow with drip irrigation. The Nellie Gail Ranch Landscape Committee will be selecting decorative boulders and actively monitoring the planting as we implement the scope of work.

Clubhouse Update

We are on the final stretch to completion of the Clubhouse exterior. The pavers leading to the Clubhouse entry have been set in place and the roof tiles displaced by the demo are being installed. This week and last the stucco and base color coat went on with building painting scheduled for next week then the scaffolding will come down. The new gate at the Tennis entry will also go in next week and very soon our members will be able to access the Clubhouse via the building entry again!

Clubhouse Update

We continue to move closer to completion. The parking lot and exterior stucco coat has been completed. Next week we start paint prep and base coat on the stucco and entire Clubhouse building. The construction fence will be down by Thursday and we will re-open the parking lot on Friday.

Clubhouse Update

This week the concrete walkways were poured and the new entry trellis was installed. Next week we are looking forward to completing the parking lot concrete drainage swale and asphalt. The following week we near completion of the hardscape part of our project with the installation of pavers at our Clubhouse entry and in the parking stalls. The building exterior will commence following the hardscape and following that we are very hopeful we will be ready to invite everyone in for a long-awaited GRAND OPENING!