Clubhouse Update

The tile flooring has been installed and grouted this week.  The above photo is of the multi-purpose room.  Next up will be door and window casing and baseboards followed by carpet over the next few weeks.

Clubhouse Update

Clubhouse flooring is in the process of being installed. Tiling of the clubhouse, multi-purpose room and kitchen is scheduled for this week with the reception area scheduled for next week. The carpet will follow then baseboards to complete flooring.

Clubhouse Update

As we move past the second week of the new year we see work on our Clubhouse project progressing as follows. Plumbing was completed earlier this week and cabinet installation is in process.   Interior Clubhouse painting of all ceilings and walls commenced today and is scheduled to be finished by Friday of next week.  After completion of the painting, flooring is scheduled to begin the week of January 27th with the installation of carpet, tile, and baseboards throughout the Clubhouse. Our focus as we move forward is to finish the interior components of the project in order that the space is available for member use and enjoyment. We anticipate the interior will be substantially complete by late February. Meanwhile, we are moving closer to making contract decisions for the exterior and we will provide updates in the coming weeks.

Association Clubhouse

Work progressed this week to complete plumbing work. Installation of cabinets and woodwork has also commenced and will be ongoing for the next three weeks. Meanwhile, we are preparing for interior painting and flooring as the next steps to move this project forward.

Clubhouse Update


Doors and windows have been received and installed this month with door hardware scheduled for the 1st week of December.  Drywall “mud and tape” crews are readying the walls and ceilings for finish work.

Clubhouse Refresh Update

We have had inquiries and want to update you regarding the projected completion date for our Clubhouse project. Frankly, we have been reluctant to provide updates recently since the prior projections we have provided have not been met. The Board has been very concerned with the extended time this project is taking. The Board negotiated a liquidated damages clause in late July that took effect September 15th so the contractor is motivated to finish. That being said, work has been progressing much more slowly than we would like. The current projected end date is December 6th.

We have implemented some additional processes to assist in coordinating the remaining work to be completed such as directly ordering the doors and windows. The contractor has given us assurances they intend to commit resources sufficient to complete the job and we are doing the best we can to escort them to the finish line. We have a ways to go but are committed to getting this project completed. And, just as importantly, completed in a way that you will be proud of the clubhouse as a homeowner and a member once it fully re-opens.

Thank you for your patience!

Association Clubhouse Construction Hours

All power will be shut off to the Association Clubhouse building Friday, August 16th and Saturday, August 17th. The Swim Center and Tennis Center will remain operational with Swim Center guests routed to the middle of the Clubhouse for entry to the pool area. Tennis guests may also check in with staff at the posted entry. The Association Business office will be closed Friday and will re-open Monday. Thank you for your patience. This is an excting time for the construction timeline as this work will set the stage for rapid progress toward concluding work.