Sheriff’s Patrol Update

The Orange County Sheriffs have ongoing mounted patrols on trails scheduled this month to maintain a presence in the community as a deterrent. Over the holidays they successfully detained an individual on a City trail with outstanding warrants so the patrols are effective and the additional effort being made on the communities behalf is appreciated.

Park Benches

The aged wood park benches at all parks have been replaced with new durable benches that will not decompose, splinter or require painting.  

Trails Open

Trails are open but use care as we continue to correct minor grading issues caused by the rain and subsequent use following rains. Despite the cold temperatures, the days have been beautiful, and it is a great time to get some exercise and keep those New Year’s resolutions. Please help us protect your trails by keeping in mind all vehicles require a trail permit prior to accessing trails. This is particularly important for service vehicles in the winter season as we oftentimes know of certain trails that are excessively wet that may be damaged by heavy vehicles.  Permits are available from the Association office.

Tree Trimming 

Winter pruning of eighty trees at parks and streetscapes is nearly complete. Twelve trees were removed due to disease or adverse impact to private property. We continue to monitor trees throughout the year to prune in the appropriate season. Meanwhile, the 128 trees planted in 2018 are established, and we are looking forward to the Spring growing season.

New Year’s Day Trail Walk

Please join us for what has become an annual family New Years Day tradition. Work off the previous night’s events with a walk on the Nellie Gail Ranch trails with your neighbors. Join us at the trailhead across from Glen Canyon Circle at the corner of Glen Canyon and Bridlewood at 10:00 on Tuesday, January 1. The hike is approximately 2+ miles and will take advantage of Nellie Gail Ranch’s many hills.
The Holland Family

Holiday Hours

The Nellie Gail Ranch Owners Association office will be closed Monday and Tuesday, December 31st and January 1st in observance of the New Year.

The Tennis & Swim Club will close at noon Monday, December 31st, and will be closed New Year’s Day, Tuesday, January 1st. The Club will be open on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, normal hours, from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Holiday Hours

The Nellie Gail Ranch Owners Association office will be closed Monday and Tuesday, December 24th  and 25th in observance of Christmas. The Tennis & Swim Club will close at noon Monday, […]

Pet Courtesy and Trail Safety

Pet owners, please check to ensure your property perimeter is secure and your dog(s) are not able to access the trails from your property.  We have received several reports of pets escaping their homes and approaching equestrians and trail runners on the trails.  Horses are flight animals and barking or fast approaching dogs (no matter how “friendly”) can potentially lead to a serious injury to the horse, rider or dog.

People are also sometimes unsure of a dogs intention and can become fearful when approached on a trail or in a community park by an off-leash dog.  Particularly when the pet owner is not present.  Please secure your property from “escape”.  And when walking your dog(s), please keep them under control and restrained by a leash not exceeding six feet.  It is both the law and common courtesy!

Trail Fence Maintenance

While you are inspecting your property for drainage concerns, please also evaluate your fencing. Many, many homeowner fences that abut the trail easements are in varying states of disrepair. Wood rails are missing, detached, broken or falling. Posts are leaning, wrought iron is rusting, chain link is sagging or torn or both. Homeowners have responsibility for ongoing maintenance of walls, fencing and other improvements on their property. Depending upon your type of fencing and fencing goal, there are a few options available to consider:

  1. Remove the fencing. Perimeter fencing is not mandated by the Association. If your fencing is broken and entire sections are missing, it is not providing any sort of barrier to humans or animals and removing it would be an aesthetic improvement.
  2. Repair the existing walls or fencing to re-establish a barrier for privacy, security or aesthetic purposes.
  3. Replace an existing fence with an alternative wood, vinyl, wrought iron fence or block wall. For this option, an application to the Architectural Review Committee is required, and a property survey must be submitted showing the property line, easement and proposed location of the new fence or wall. You may contact the Association office at 949-425-1477 or to request an ARC application. Please note the following incentive: For homeowners who are considering replacement of chain link fencing, we are offering to waive the ARC application fee as an incentive as long as the only item being applied for is the replacement of the chain link fence with an alternative fencing material.  You still need to submit the ARC application and required survey, however, the application fee will be waived.

Please take time this next weekend to walk the perimeter of your property and evaluate the condition of your perimeter walls and fences

Water Runoff

While we are awaiting the Winter rains,  please take the opportunity to evaluate your slopes and clear your v-ditches, swales and catch basins.  Drainage systems full of leaf debris or eroded soil can overflow and cause serious flooding or damage to property.

Additionally, in areas where you have had the previous flooding, it will be more effective to order sandbags from your landscaper and place them proactively while it is dry rather than trying to place a few limited sandbags in a downpour.  Please do not divert water to your neighbor’s property as each home is responsible for accepting its own share of runoff.

The Association has received its annual delivery of sand and sandbags for time-sensitive flooding or erosion control concerns that may arise over the Fall and Winter.  They are located in the corner of the Association Clubhouse parking lot adjacent to the storage sheds.  It is self-service and self-fill, please take no more than 10 for quick emergencies that may arise.