This Week in Nellie Gail Ranch | March 11th

Nellie Gail Ranch Homeowners

The health and safety of horses throughout the Nellie Gail Ranch community and Equestrian Center is a top priority. The Nellie Gail Ranch Equestrian Committee has reviewed the increase of EHV-1 outbreaks in Orange County and adopted a number of safety protocols at our Equestrian Center to reduce risk of exposure. There have been three outbreaks in San Juan Capistrano resulting in four horses being euthanized and the state has placed Rio Vista Stables, Sycamore Trails Stables and Rancho Sierra Vista Equestrian Center under quarantine. We wanted to share with you links to information regarding the extent of this outbreak, recommendations you may want to implement to protect your horses and steps we have taken at our Equestrian Center. If you have private boarders on your property, please pass this information on to them.

Normally we enjoy and welcome occasional visits to our beautiful equestrian center, however, we are not currently allowing any visitor or guest access to the Equestrian Center outside of our current boarders and authorized personnel. Please wait until after the quarantines at Orange County stables have been lifted before resuming visits.

Safety Precautions Nellie Gail Ranch Horse Owners / Private Boarders May Take:

  1. Monitor your horse for fever, nasal discharge or labored breathing. Contact a veterinarian to report any of these symptoms.
  2. For the duration of this outbreak do not let your horse use a shared water source. Shared water sources are a source of exposure.
  3. Do not allow your horse to nuzzle other horses along trails or in Association arenas.
  4. Avoid to the extent possible shared use of the Association arenas and round pens with other horses.
  5. Require any stable hand, instructor or caregiver who works at your stables or with your horse to have a complete change of clothes, and hats, prior to coming to your stables if they have interacted with any other horses anywhere else. Riding boots or footwear must also be sanitized.

Please review the attachments on the following links for more detailed information. Address any questions you may have to

EHV-1 Info to HomeownersDiseaseFactsheet-EHM

Crime Prevention Worshop

Please Join us Wednesday, March 16th at 6pm for our Crime Prevention Workshop being held at the Nellie Gail Ranch Association Clubhouse.

Nellie Gail Ranch Board Meeting

Join us at the Nellie Gail Ranch Association Club House on Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at 7:30PM. View the Open Session Agenda below.

Open Session Agenda

Solicitation for Board Candidates

The Association is soliciting candidates for the upcoming 2022 Board of Directors election to be held on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. Candidate applications must be received by the Association by March 24, 2022 to be nominated and listed on the pre-ballot notice that will be posted prior to April 1, 2022. The pre-ballot notice will include all names that will be included on the ballot to be mailed by April 30, 2022. Candidates whose nominations are received after March 24, 2022 may still run for election but will not be included on the ballot.

1. Subject to Civil Code §5105, all Candidates for the Board must meet the following qualifications:

a. The Candidate must be an Owner. If title to a separate interest is held by a legal entity, such entity may appoint a natural person to serve or vote on such entity’s behalf by delivering evidence of an appropriate written appointment to the Association;

b. The Candidate must be current in the payment of all regular and special assessments. For the purposes of these election rules, “current” means no regular or special assessment is past due by more than thirty (30) days, or such period of time as is specifically defined in the Association’s collection policy;

c. The Candidate may not hold a joint ownership interest in the same separate interest as any other candidate or incumbent director; and

d. The Candidate is not eligible to run if the Association is aware or becomes aware of a past criminal conviction that would, if the Candidate were elected, either prevent the Association from purchasing the fidelity bond coverage required by Civil Code §5806 or terminate the Association’s existing fidelity bond coverage.

Additional information regarding the Associations Election Rules and Procedures is provided in the Nellie Gail Ranch Owners Association Election Rules adopted November 19, 2019 and are available on-line at or by request to

This Week in Nellie Gail Ranch | March 4th

Stinging and Burning Nettle Weed Control

Ongoing control of weeds will be occurring through Spring on the trails. Consistent with our practice since June 2018 we use organic products to treat weeds such as Avenger Weed Killer, a natural citrus oil-based organic herbicide.

Stinging and Burning Nettle is one of the prevalent weeds being battled at this time by our trail crews. Horses and dogs don’t usually eat stinging nettle, however, if they brush up against it while walking or lie down or roll on the plant, glassy hairs from the plant’s leaves and stems cause a skin reaction and an intensely painful stinging sensation that may last 24 hours or more. The standard practice for our trail crews is to weed whip the taller nettles to reduce the height of the plant and spot spray the base of the weeds and adjacent remaining weeds to limit regrowth.

Equines and pets using trails should not be permitted to eat the stinging nettle or grasses or weeds in close proximity to them. Enjoy your time on the trail and the beautiful weather.


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