Security Safety Tip of the Month: Lights! Camera! Action!

Lights!  Don’t give a burglar the cover of darkness around your home in which to work.  Be sure the front of your home is well lit at night.  The options for effective security lighting range from a simple porch light that you turn on before turning in at night, to dusk to dawn technology that activates at or around dusk, to motion activated spotlights.  Do some research, find out what works best for your home and budget and get started!

Camera!  Like lighting, there is a wide variety of security camera options available to protect your home. A do it yourself-er may prefer an option like Ring, widely available commercially, that provide an array of low cost, easy to install doorbell cameras for your front door and motion activated spotlight cameras for the perimeter areas of your yard.  You can pick what you need, add and modify as needed, and their service plans are affordable and flexible based upon your needs.  There are also countless professional security camera companies available who will do an assessment of your property and customize a security camera system that meets your needs and budget.

Action!  Take some simple, common-sense steps to make your home less attractive to criminals. Be sure the entryways and windows of your home are not hidden by overgrown trees and bushes.  Do not leave extension ladders in your yard providing easy access to the second-floor doors and windows of your home.  Lock your doors and windows when you are not at home.  Let your neighbors know if you are going to be away for an extended period of time.  You can also request home checks by the Sheriff’s Department if you will be away on vacation.

Home security is everyone’s business.  It is unreasonable to expect the police or private security to prevent all crime.  Make your home less attractive to criminals and you will be less likely to become a victim of crime.  Lights! Camera! Action! means safety and security for your home and loved ones!

E- Statements

FirstService Residential has partnered with WelcomeLink to provide you with enhanced quarterly assessment statements. With this upgraded E-Statement experience, you can view up to the most recent six quarters of archived statement history. The following link provides an overview of the enhanced E-Statement experience, including instructions for how to sign up:

Summer Concert Series

Save the dates for the upcoming Summer Concert Series!FRIDAY, JUNE 14-Hall Pass
Classic Rock / 80’s Hits

FRIDAY, JUNE 28 -Sam Morrison Band
Southern Rock Explosion

FRIDAY, JULY 12- Room at the Top
Tom Petty Tribute

FRIDAY, JULY 26 -Surf City Allstars
Beach Boys Tribute

FRIDAY, AUGUST 9 -Mark Wood Band
Classic Rock / R&B Soul

For more information visit

Annual Meeting Ballots 

To date, we have received 316 ballots bringing us closer to the reconvened quorum requirement of 352. However, we really want as many homeowners as possible to weigh in on the special ballot measure in order that the Board of Directors can make a decision regarding the mobile patrol service in accordance with the community consensus.

Please keep those ballots coming!!! Please return your ballots in the postage pre-paid envelopes and remember to sign the outside of the envelope before mailing.

Weed Abatement Progress

Weed abatement continues with completion this week of the Recreation Center property above the Equestrian Center and the Cabot Crown Valley and Rapid Falls Trails. Ongoing clearing of trails and slopes will continue over the next month.

Photos of the Week

Monument Park in Bloom

Gallup Park on a Spring Day

Nellie Gail Ranch June 5, 2019, Annual Meeting / Ballot

Ballots for the June 5, 2019, Annual Meeting of the Members and election of the Board of Directors were mailed today and should be in your mailbox within the next few days. This year it is doubly important for each homeowner to participate in the annual meeting by casting your vote for directors and a special ballot measure related to 24-hour mobile patrol services.  
The quorum requirement is 50%, 704 homes of the 1,407 total represented. Please help us achieve quorum by promptly returning your ballot. Postage is pre-paid to make it easier than ever to submit!  
Select the following link to review the candidacy and ballot measure statements. Again, ballots are in the mail today, please return your ballot at your earliest opportunity.  

Nellie Gail Ranch Wood Trail Fencing Colors and Meanings

As you walk or drive through Nellie Gail Ranch, you may notice some of the wood fencing materials along the trail system have different colors. All of Nellie Gail Ranch’s trail fencing, which totals approximately 11 miles, is made of pressure treated pine lumber. Pressure treated wood is widely used for outdoor construction projects because of how well it resists the elements. The lumber is treated under high vacuum pressure that forces chemical wood preservatives into the fibers of the wood. The color of pressure treated lumber depends on the chemical that was used during the pressure treatment process.

GREEN (Discontinued Product)
Chemical used – Chromated Copper Arsenate
The most common preservative used to pressure-treat lumber when Nellie Gail Ranch was first developed was chromated copper arsenate. However, due to its harsh chemical properties, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency banned the use of this type of lumber for residential use in 2004. Nellie Gail Ranch stopped purchasing this type of treated wood six years earlier around 1998.

BROWN (Currently Used)
Chemical used – Copper Azole
Copper azole mixtures, which combine copper with a fungicide from the -azole (nitrogen ring-based) chemical group, are considered a safe and effective replacement for chromated copper arsenate. Wood treated with copper azole mixtures is light brown when new, but its color fades to a silver-gray as the wood ages.

In this photo taken on one of our trails, you can see the lighter green (almost white) board which is an old piece of fencing that was used as a patch. The brown boards pictured are new treated lumber patches and the predominant color you see, dark brown/silver-gray is the aged brown treated wood. In a few years, the newer brown patches will match the older fencing color as it fades.

To efficiently use Nellie Gail Ranch resources we try to balance when we should replace full sections of fencing and when repairs should be performed to extend the overall life of the fencing. This does result in some fence color variations that take some time to fade together.

Equestrian Center Clubhouse Construction Update

Work continues at the Equestrian Center Clubhouse to replace the patio cover, railings, stairways and sliding glass door. Components of the project include extending of the deck to meet disability access code compliance and installation of bar seating viewing area. Work scheduled for next week include deck footings and framing work. These are reserve projects funded 100% by boarding fees with no homeowner assessment contribution. Work is anticipated to be completed by mid-May.

April Board of Directors Meeting

The regularly scheduled April Board Meeting and Homeowner Forum has been deferred to Tuesday, April 23, 2018, at 7:30 p.m. in the Association Clubhouse.