Equestrian Center Tree Trimming

Equestrian Center Maintenance

Competitive dressage involves progressively difficult movements that must be performed by the horse and rider. Each movement is scored by a judge. Dressage competitors use mirrors to evaluate how they and their horse are doing. The Equestrian Center Dressage Arena has nine 8′ x 7′ mirrors along the West end of the arena. Unique amenities require unique repair solutions. This week we replaced wood on the dressage frame to properly support the mirrors.

Safe Driving Spotlight

Cell Phone Disruptions
Cell phones and texting contribute to many accidents by taking the driver’s focus away from driving. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, texting while driving increases the likelihood of an accident by 23 times. The time required to send a text is equivalent to driving blind for 5 seconds, during which a vehicle traveling 55 miles per hour could travel the length of a football field.

Distracted Driving
Distracted driving describes anything that takes the driver’s attention away from operating the vehicle, such as scanning music stations or using a cell phone. It also includes external diversions including, turning to glare at another driver, gawking at a near-accident and watching police activity. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents. The largest study on distracted drivers shows that more accidents are caused by drivers who are rubbernecking than by drivers who were distracted by passengers, radios, or cell phones. Minimizing distractions inside the car can help reduce the risk of an accident. Both hands should be kept on the wheel. Eyes and full attention should be focused on the road.

Gallup Canyon Clean-Up

Off the beaten path is not out of site out of mind. Gallup Canyon is one of our beautiful natural areas below and between Gallup Park and La Paz Road. We perform ongoing maintenance to the canyon to clear debris and dead shrubs/plant material. The crews have been working hard this week and will be out a few more times this year to complete this years work. There are some nice trails through the canyon so take a look if you are not familiar with this part of your amazing community.

2019 Summer Concert Series

We bid farewell to summer and our concert season! Last week was a great closing show by Mark Wood & The Parrot Head Band. We had another excellent turnout and many attended dressed in the island spirit.

We thank our three contributing sponsors who added a unique element of fun and philanthropy to the shows and made our sixth concert possible:

Thank you to:

The LaMott and Tate Families
Brad Feldman Group
Melody and Associates

And thank you to all who attended this summer. See you again next year!

Tennis & Swim Club Labor Day Hours

The Tennis & Swim Centers are open at 6:00 am and close at 3 pm on Monday, September 2nd, in observance of Labor Day. The hours on Saturday and Sunday are the regular 6:00 am to dusk (approximately 8:00 pm). The Association Office is closed on Monday.

Summer Concert Tonight

Join us this evening at 7 PM at Gallup Park for our final concert of the 2019 Summer!!  Enjoy a terrific performance by Mark Wood & The Parrot Head Band, a Jimmy Buffett tribute.

Baby’s Burgers food truck will be available for dinner and Screamin’ Ice Cream Bus for dessert.

Thank you to The LaMott and Tate Families who are a contributing sponsor.

Additionally, as we conclude this great summer of music we express our gratitude and appreciation to the residents surrounding Gallup Park who graciously experience the increased foot traffic, parking, and after hours takedown of the equipment and dance floor.

Homeowner Trail Fencing and Perimeter Fencing

Boulder Earthwork repairs and replaces Association fencing throughout the community. If your property perimeter and/or wood trail fencing is in a state of disrepair, Boulder Earthwork is currently offering discounted prices for Nellie Gail Ranch residents to repair, remove or replace 3-rail wood trail fencing.

Removal of fencing with no replacement is $7 per lineal foot. If your trail fencing is in a state of disrepair, please consider removing and deciding at a future date what to replace it with. Removal of dilapidated fencing reduces risk associated with loose boards and exposed nails or screws.

Boulder’s price for removal and replacement using pressure treated lumber is $32 per lineal foot. That is for the basic 3-rail wood fence along a property perimeter or trail. Wood fencing with attachments like chicken wire or mesh will cost extra based on materials used and requires an onsite estimate. You may reach Boulder Earthwork at 949-635-6958 or boulderosvaldo@aol.com

Repairing sections of existing fencing does not require an ARC application. Replacing an existing fence like for like will require an ARC application but we will waive the application fee (provided that is the sole item on the application). Replacing fencing with different materials or in different locations will require an application and the associated fee. You may use alternative vendors according to your preference.

Please review your fencing at your earliest opportunity and take steps to remove, repair or replace as may be appropriate.

Association Clubhouse Construction Hours

All power will be shut off to the Association Clubhouse building Friday, August 16th and Saturday, August 17th. The Swim Center and Tennis Center will remain operational with Swim Center guests routed to the middle of the Clubhouse for entry to the pool area. Tennis guests may also check in with staff at the posted entry. The Association Business office will be closed Friday and will re-open Monday. Thank you for your patience. This is an excting time for the construction timeline as this work will set the stage for rapid progress toward concluding work.

Board Meeting

The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at 7:30 pm in the Association Clubhouse. Click on button to view the agenda.


Open Session Agenda 8-20-19