Nellie Gail Road Equestrian Crossings

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Input Requested

The Nellie Gail Ranch Trails & Safety Committee, with the support of the Equestrian Committee and certain concerned Nellie Gail Ranch Residents, have initiated discussions with the City of Laguna Hills regarding safety concerns with pedestrian and equestrian crossings on Nellie Gail Road (connecting Moulton to Oso), with a particular focus on the pedestrian/equestrian crossing at the entrance to the Nellie Gail Ranch Equestrian Center and Nellie Gail Road at Empty Saddle. The goal is to determine what further safety mechanisms, if any, can be implemented to slow the flow of traffic on this particular stretch of Nellie Gail Road and prevent “near misses” or accidents that could be hazardous to pedestrians, riders, and/or horses.

The City of Laguna Hills will be reviewing this matter over the next several months and has requested our help to collect certain data. To that end, if anyone encounters, or has encountered, a safety concern when crossing Nellie Gail Road by the Equestrian Center or when crossing Nellie Gail Road by Empty Saddle, or in any other locations in Nellie Gail Ranch, please report such incidents via the below link or by emailing To submit a report please click on the following link and identify your name, the date of the incident, a brief description of the incident, and your relationship to Nellie Gail Ranch (resident, guest, equestrian instructor, equestrian boarder, etc.). Thank you in advance for your “near miss” reports as we collaborate with the City to make our streets safer for everyone!

Nellie Gail Ranch Equestrian Crossings Form

Swim Center Lost and Found

Swim Center lost and found items will be on display until Monday, October 26, 2020.

Lost and found items include the following:

Beach Towels
Water bottles
Swim caps

All unclaimed items will be discarded on Tuesday morning, October 27, 2020

Next Board Meeting

Below is a link to the agenda for the Tuesday, October 20, 2020, Open Session Meeting at 7:30 p.m. Due to the ongoing restriction against public gatherings, we will be unable to conduct our Open Session Board Meeting at the Clubhouse. However, we are implementing technology to invite your participation at Open Homeowner Forum via teleconference using

Zoom Meeting Link:

Dial-in #:  669 900 6833
Meeting ID: 818 3430 3322
Passcode: 492321

Open Session Agenda 10-20-2020

Solar Panel Cleaning at the Clubhouse

We took the opportunity this week to clean our solar panels of the recent fire ash and accumulated construction dust.  The days may be getting shorter but with our freshly cleaned panels, we are looking forward to improved efficiency for the rest of the year.  Our solar panels installed in 2012 continue to offset energy costs.  The initial investment has been offset by approximately 67% with savings to date and we find our annual savings totals have also increased over the years due to the yearly escalation of energy costs.

Come Flow with Us

Introducing DP Yoga at Nellie Gail Ranch Tennis Club! DP Tennis Academy is excited to now be offering yoga classes to yogis of all ages and abilities, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with our newly appointed instructor Debbie Watkins.

Debbie will be running two daily classes at 6:45 AM and 8 AM starting October 19th, so come and join us on the pickleball courts for a 60-minute outdoor yoga flow and start your day right.

Book Now

To reserve your spot in class, please follow the booking link above or contact us at (949) 302-8281.

Drop-in rates for class are $18/hr with discounts available for package bookings. 

Little Free Library

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” – Walt Disney

We are so excited to announce that Nellie Gail Ranch has signed up with the nonprofit organization Little Free Library. If you walk or ride bikes in neighboring communities, I’m sure you’ve seen a Little Free Library house.

Little Free Library was started in 2009 with the goal of promoting literacy and the joy of reading. Since then, 100,000 Little Free Libraries can be found all around the world. The idea is to share books and the joy of reading with your neighbors by Giving a Book, Taking a Book.

Our Nellie Gail Ranch Little Free Library is installed close to the entrance of our clubhouse. Next time you are looking for a new book to read, come on down to the clubhouse and see what new books are of interest in our Little Free Library. Bring a book that you have enjoyed and would love to share and, in turn, exchange it with a new book.

If you’re interested to learn more about Little Free Library and how this nonprofit got started, please visit

Lost and Found

Found in the park – two SUV middle row seats appear to be from a Ford Explorer or Suburban and one small set of four child’s golf clubs. Call the association office at 949-425-1477.

Proposed Adoption of Architectural Standards

Effective January 1, 2020, a new section of Civil Code Section 4751 voids provisions of an Association’s governing documents that prohibits or unreasonably restricts the construction or use of an Accessory Dwelling Unit or Junior Accessory Dwelling unit on a lot zoned for single-family residential use.
At the Board Meeting of September 15, 2020, the Board approved draft guidelines to be submitted to the membership for comment as recommended by the Architectural Review Committee. The proposed Accessory and Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit guidelines set forth reasonable restrictions and standards permitted under Civil Code 4751 for design, review, and approval of these types of supplemental dwellings. The attached notice of proposed adoption of Nellie Gail Ranch Architectural Standards for Accessory and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units sets forth the purpose and effect of proposed standards to supplement the Architectural Review Committee Guidelines adopted in March 2009.
Members have forty (40) days to submit comments regarding the proposed standards.  All comments must be submitted in writing no later than 5 p.m. Friday, November 13, 2020. The Board intends to make a decision on the proposed revisions during the Board of Directors meeting to be held on Tuesday, November 17, 2020, at 7:30 p.m.
Should you wish to comment on the proposed rules, please submit your comments in writing to:
Nellie Gail Ranch Owners Association
Attn: Brian Mitchell, General Manager
25211 Empty Saddle Drive
Laguna Hills, CA 92653-5827
You may also submit comments by e-mail to

Proposed Adoption of Nellie Gail Ranch Architectural Standards for Accessory and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units

Applicable Civil and Government Codes

Requesting Rustic Donations

We are seeking rustic donations to use in decorating our clubhouse. Two items, in particular, we would love to have is a saddle and saddle stand. Please send photos or descriptions to if you have any items you would be willing to donate. Thank you!!


Let’s get ready for Halloween with a Pumpkin Carving and Decorating Contest!

Join us for this free event open to Nellie Gail Ranch residents. You may carve or decorate your pumpkin as you wish. Your creativity is the limit! 

Bring your decorated pumpkin to the clubhouse on Wednesday, October 28 by 5 pm.

Everyone can vote! Judging closes on Friday, October 30 at noon and pumpkins can be taken home for Halloween.


8 – 12 YEARS OLD
13 – 15 YEARS OLD
Prizes awarded in each age category!

Thank you to our event sponsor Melody and Associates